San Diego Mesa STEM Peer Mentor Application
  • Please be sure to include the following materials:

    1. Online Application. We frequently communicate with applicants by e-mail. Provide a reliable e-mail account that you check and use often.

    2. Personal Statement (no more than two pages, 500 words maximum). Your personal narrative is an important part of the application process. Please address four areas. Include a description of your background and interest in science, your transfer plans, your career goals, and why you would like to join the STEM peer mentoring program.

    3. Faculty Reference. Specify the name and email address of a subject specific professor that can evaluate your scientific and academic background. We will contact faculty to provide a reference letter on your behalf.

    4. Unofficial Ed Plan. Attach copies of unofficial ed plan. This can be obtained from a Mesa counselor.

    5. Unofficial Transcripts. Attach copies of transcripts from other colleges or universities attended.

    Questions or concerns? Contact:
    Irena Stojimirovic Ph.D. STEM Center Coordinator
    Brian Mackus, STEM Instructional Support

    Visit our website at

    For general grant information, please contact Yolanda CataƱo at or call at (619) 388-5034.
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