Black Family Reunion Digital Donation Form
Please complete the form below if you would like to donate materials to the Local History/Special Collections archive or pre-register to donate materials at the Reunion on April 29.
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  • Pre-Registration Instructions

    If you are pre-registering and plan to donate materials at the Reunion, please complete the material description section below and provide a signature.

    Once you submit this form, you will receive confirmation email with a form number in the subject line. Please have that form number available when you come to the Reunion so our staff can find your pre-registration form more quickly.
  • Multiple files may be uploaded at once using this tool.

    Please upload any digitized photos or documents that you wish to donate to the archives here. Maximum individual file size is 10 MB, and maximum total upload size is 20 MB.

    If your total file size exceeds 20 MB, please contact the Local History/Special Collections Branch at for additional instructions.
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