TMMF2 Community/Sponsor Participation Form
February 16, 17, 18, 2024
Friday & Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Sunday: 10am-6pm

270 FM 1791, Huntsville TX 77340.

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    February 5, 2023:
    AD AND PHOTO SUBMISSION DEADLINE for e-book inclusion to have your photos and pre-event contributions recognized and highlighted online in our e-publication.

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  • TELL US WHO YOU ARE!! ....Sororities and Fraternities and community groups are encouraged and welcomed!
  • (This is a family-friendly event. Pornography or similar undesirable actions are not allowed.)
  • You may upload a photo of you or your act here. You may also email multiple photos to us at
  • TELL US WHO YOU ARE!! Provide your Band or Stage name, Act description; and a web address, YouTube or other online performance urls that are representative of your work.

    NOTE: Acts employing profane actions or attire should not apply. If chosen to perform, we will contact you to work out details of compensation.
  • Upload a promotional photo or live shot here as a .jpg, .pdf, or .png

  • FILE UPLOADS: ===============

  • You may upload photos of your items, business card, insurance verification, etc.
  • You may upload photos of your items, business card, insurance verification, etc.
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  • If you send your payment via Zelle, or Paypal to "" Be sure to put your email/contact info and what you are paying for in the "Notes" section.

    We also welcome your mailed check or Bank's Bill-pay check sent to:

    "Texas Medieval Merriment Fest"
    c/o 639 Rosenwall Rd
    Huntsville TX 77320

    Problems? Call or texts at 936-288-6939
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    I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY GATHERING requiring that my performance, decorations, wares and costumes are acceptable for a fantastical time set in the past. My associated and I will attempt to dress and comport ourselves accordingly.
    This agreement, entered into as of the final date signed below, for the independent contract performance services of the above Presenter, to perform as specified on this document and on any attached riders.

    TEXAS MEDIEVAL MERRIMENT FESTIVAL AGREES TO PAY, as consideration for Presenter's services, the amount and amenities set forth in an agreed upon followup invoice. Unless stated otherwise above, Final payment shall be made on the day of the presentation via a check or electronic transaction made payable to the above artist/Presenter. Failure to present payment at that time, without minimum 24 hour advance notification, will add a 10% gross late fee to the amount due or as per article 601F, Tx Rev. Civil Statues.

    PROMOTION PHOTOGRAPHY & A/V PRODUCTION PERMISSION: _x__granted ___denied. Permission is herein granted to use any media clips submitted by the Presenter to this event for promotional purposes. Media interviews or promotional appearances may also be arranged. Photographs during the performance, and streaming links for non-commercial purposes, are allowed. The program may be audio/videotaped for archival, educational, non-profit, non-commercial purposes. Presenter may tape their own presentation for personal use. All rights reserved.

    TRAVEL & LODGING: If need is determined and agreed, a stipend for travel and/or 1 night’s lodging, for the night of the performance, may be offered. Lodging may be arranged or on site in a prearranged guest tent. This occupancy, if requested, is already included in the agreed on performance amount.

    It is understood that this Presenter is an independent contractor, and not an employee of either Producer or Agency and is therefore responsible for payment of his, her or their individual income taxes once payment is received from the agency. This service agreement is binding on all parties; it cannot be canceled except The Presenter and Producer mutually agree. If the Presenter or Producer is unable to fulfill the terms of this contract due to an "Act of God," either party may cancel this contract–with reasonable advance notice–and all parties shall be released from liability and/or damage hereunder. It is also agreed by all parties, however, that "best efforts" will be made to so adapt that the performance may be presented or rescheduled. Cancellation ensures the return by presenter of all deposit fees.

    Any representative of Producer, in sending this contract, warrants that (s)he sends and accepts its return as a duly authorized representative of Producer but may not assume any personal liability.

    The Presenter or representative signing below warrants that the Agency has express authority to sign on behalf of the above Presenter, who has seen and accepted the terms of this standard agreement. This independent service contract is governed by the laws of Walker County Texas, USA and shall have venue there. Contract can only be changed in writing, signed by both parties.

    E-SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION: Typing my name in the signature block below signifies that I adhere to this Electronic Communication & Signature feature, herein granting consent to utilize the input as a legally binding electronic signature and hereby give my affirmative consent to provide this electronic signature as described herein. To the fullest extent permitted by law, project organizers herein accept this e-signature as legally equivalent to a handwritten signature to signify an Agreement. This policy does not limit organizer's right or option to conduct a transaction on paper or in a non-electronic form, nor to have documents provided / available on paper when required by applicable policies, laws or regulations.

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