Wearing Lace Dress in a Classy and Chic Way

Laces are making a comeback! The latest fashion trends in magazines and on the internet feature lace dresses, tops, and skirts. It is plastered all over the fashion industry making women crave more for lace designs. Lace is one of the oldest fashion styles dating back around 1600's to 19000's. It was first developed and used by attaching to clothing as an embellishment in the sixteenth century Europe.

Lace is a mark of nobility and sophistication which made it more popular in this era. This style is often used in bridal fashions. However, in these modern days, you can see lots of women wearing lace as a casual or a formal dress based on trend reports. Though lace is stylish, it may appear ugly depending on how you wear it. For ladies who are dying to wear their lace dress, top or skirt, here are some fashion tips to guide you on how to properly wear it and become a fashionable woman.

Pick out the Right Color

Laces come in various selections of colors ranging from neutral tones to soft hues such as blush pink, baby blue to bright red, yellow and black. In between these colors, the hottest trend is red, yellow and coral. However, you have to be careful in picking out lace colors. It should match your skin tone or else it will not look good on you.

Add Neutral Accessories

If you love to use different fashion accessories, you have to avoid them while wearing a lace dress. It may look unjustly and a bit off if you insist on wearing one together with a lacey dress. However, you may choose neutral accessories to match it with your dress together with a right handbag or shoes. Additionally, it would be best not to wear a necklace, however, if you do, better use something that is not too bulky and bright.

Simple Fabrics for Lace Trousers

Lace trousers are trendy and fashionable. You can use it as an outfit for any occasion, but you have to match with the right top. In wearing these types of trousers, make sure that your top dress does not overpower your entire outfit. Never wear another lace top or a fancy fabric together with your lace trousers.

Go for something simple and a plain top.

In addition, a loud printed blouse is a big no for lace bottoms.

Use the Magic of Layering

For sheer lace tops wear a mini dress underneath. If you do not want to get the attention of the crowd because of your outfit, this will certainly solve your problem. On the other hand, if you are going out with a lace top, adding a jacket or a blazer draped on your shoulders can transform your outfit into a modern day and classy look. Are you searching for the perfect lace dress for a casual wear? You can go here at Filly Flair.


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