DT Swiss Australia - Return Form
Use this form for DT Swiss components for Warranty or Service Only.
  • ** Staff use only
  • ** Need not fill this out if you are an account customer
  • Warranty Claims, Crash Replacement requests and EXP service requests must have Proof of Purchase attached
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    Purchase date is required for warranty, crash replacement and EXP service. This must correlate the the purchase date on the proof of purchase required below.

    For hub and suspension services please estimate purchase date so we can estimate model year and therefore allocate correct parts.
  • Please choose the product type. if it is a complete DT Swiss wheel, choose wheel, even if it is the hub or rim that is the issue.
  • Do not send in suspension units that are not marked as either; DT Swiss / Scott Nude1/2 / Equalizer 2/3.
  • Model of wheel (if the claimed part is part of a complete DT Swiss wheelset) or hub, rim, shock, fork if it is not part of a complete DT Swiss wheelset.

    If it is a Giant Or Syncros Wheel, Make sure you type Giant or Syncros AND the model of Wheel. (eg Giant PRX-1 or Syncros RR1.5).
  • For Suspension: The code is printed on the shock body.

    Hubs and Wheels : Please only submit the serial numbers visible on the hubshell. Even, for example, if just claiming freehub body, we need serial number of hub. Check this link if unsure where to find. We need the entire serial number, not just part of it.
    Example serial#: P2142088 402 10032610

    For Carbon rim claims we require the rim serial number. This will be on the rim behind the tape.
    Example serial: 156319A02633

    For Rims (Rims only, not rims part of a DT Swiss wheel) : Serial number will be on the rim behind the rim tape.
    Alloy rim serial: DTA*SA6298*2112414*250

    Please do not give us the serial number of the bike.
  • We require a detailed description. Please clearly state the issue, Not just the part you believe needs to be replaced. For EXP service specify freehub type in this field.
  • Required for all warranty claims. If no file is submitted here, a physical copy needs to be returned with the item. The DT Swiss service centre waiting for you to provide proof of purchase for a warranty application will cause delays.
  • Required for warranty submissions, unless advised otherwise.
  • We may require more images of the issue - we will contact you via the email address input above if this is the case.
  • If you want your sales rep CC'd into this warranty process, check the name of your sales rep. This is not required.