AAS Completion and Reunion Travel
Complete this form to request for your Completion or Reunion Travel.

Note that this form should be completed at least FOUR weeks prior to departure date.

COVID-19 Updates
Due to current COVID-19 situation, all international travels are limited and will require an extended period for CDU Global to assess and provide your travel arrangement.

Also due to some country requirements, you may need to undertake a COVID-19 test and provide a negative result prior to departure. CDU Global will assist you in obtaining this.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact CDU Global via phone 08 8946 7215 or email international@cdu.edu.au.
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    Only for Reunion Travel



    The following strict conditions apply to all travel:

    1. Most direct route and cost effective to the closest airport to your city/hometown.

    2. Stopovers in Australia and/or overseas are not permitted unless there is no direct route.

    3. Ticket issued cannot be varied without the approval of CDU Global.

    4. You are responsible to ensure that your personal details and booking details are correct.

    5. AAS does not cover (1) cost of travel insurance for the loss of any possessions (2) travel costs of your dependents/family members (3) cost of transporting personal effect or excess baggage.

    6. You are advised to only undertake completion travel when all your results are finalised or thesis handed in, except for when you've been approved to continue with your thesis overseas. If you have to return to Australia to complete a failed unit, you will be responsible for all travel and associated costs.

    7. You must ensure that you have read and understood the Australian Awards Scholarship Policy Handbook for full details and comply with the scholarship and its conditions as per your contract with the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Once you click "Submit" button below, you declare and confirm that all information provided is accurate and you have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.