HS SELF Registration Form
Use this form if your school is NOT paying for you. We take credit and debit cards.

Please note each contributor is required to be at the Fair from 9:30 am-4:00 pm

Each contributor must register on one form and pay a registration fee.

ONLY ONE DEBIT OR CREDIT IS USED PER EXHIBIT.. so please decide who is paying if you have multiple contributors.

FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE Please have all information before you fill this form out.

Once you hit submit you will be taken to PayPal to finalize your registration.

***YOUR REGISTRATION MUST BE PAID FOR IT TO BE CONSIDERED ENTERED*** in other words you should receive confirmation that form was submitted and one from PayPal with your receipt.
  • If there are additional contributors please enter their names in fields below
  • please enter additional contributors below if applicable
  • Please type carefully. Once you hit submit this is how your title will appear on everything. If there are multiple contributors please have them enter this title "exactly" the same to avoid confusion when they fill out their separate registration forms
  • If you do not see your school listed please select "Other" and enter in field below
  • Please only use this field if your school was not in drop down list.
  • Please note: If you did not participate in WESEF you are expected to abide by the same research practices adhered to by WESEF students. Your science teacher will need to affirm that these rules were followed.
  • Please note you can only go if you have a research project. Demonstrative exhibits are not eligible. If your exhibit is demonstrative please select no.
  • Personal Information for First or Sole Contributor

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  • Personal Information for Second Contributor

  • please provide email so you will receive information about the Fair
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  • Personal Information for Third Contributor

  • please provide email so you will receive information about the Fair
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  • $ .
    This amount will be added to your Registration Fee of $25.

    All donations are recognized in the commemorative brochure