Breakout Session Contest
Contest prizes: (Three Winners) APPLE AIRPODS

To enter for a chance to WIN, students must:
1) Select/view three breakout sessions;
2) Correctly answer the three questions that follow each session; and,
3) Submit their answers by November 14.
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #1: Inventing Your Future: Making Informed Decisions about Career Pathways

    Presented by Jessie Tymoczko, Inventionland
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #2: Jobs of the Future - How technology is changing the workplace of tomorrow

    Presented by Susan Hileman, Strategic Business Advisor, NWIRC
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #3: The Joy of Working With your Hands For a Living

    Presented by Phil Kerner: The Tool and Die Guy, Industrial Sales & Mfg.
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #4: Better, Worse or just Different — Five Critical Keys for Impressing Your Future Employer Even If You're Generations Apart

    Presented by Kevin Smith, President/CEO, Leaderstone Inc.
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #5: Robotics: Career Possibilities You Never Knew Existed

    Presented by- Nadja Koehler, U.S. Robotics Business Development Manager for Education at ABB, Inc.
  • BREAKOUT SESSION #6: What Do Vaccines, Ventilators and Artificial Organs Have in Common?
    Biomedical & Bioengineering

    Presented by Douglas Nelson, Ph.D., CEO of Lumis Corp.