This is how we do it.
From garden to paient
  • 1.

    Producers, Growers and Providers will list their extra medicine on our menu and designate area of coverage by zip codes. (Or request courier services)
  • 2.

    Patients will search for the desired medicine on our website and indicate it on the order form for their area.
  • 3.

    Once order is confirmed and cetrification is validated.
    The Producer, Provider or Grower is notified of the ordered products.
  • 4.

    A courier is dispatched to pick up, inspect and verify the contents of the order.
    Then compensate the Provider, Producer, or Grower.
  • 5.

    Ordered products are inspected, verified and itemized by a chief courier, who then assigns courier to deliver to ordering patient.
  • Duration & Costs

    This process is not instant. From the day of order to day of delivery can range from 4 days at best, up to 7 days.

    Even with COMP medicine there is unfortunatly a fee for delivery.
    (We have to pay the couriers)
    $35.00 generally.
    $25.00 for first time patients, with Promo Code that is assigned to designate your clinic.