This is how we do it.
From Garden to Patient
  • 1.

    Growers, Patients, Producers and Providers will list their extra medicine on our menu and designate area of coverage by zip codes. (Or request courier services)

    Patients choose and order desired medicine on the order form for their area.

    Once patient documentation / certification is validated by an experienced Patient Volunteer.
    The Producer, Provider or Grower is notified of the ordered products.

    A PAID courier is dispatched to pick up, inspect and verify the contents and quality of the order, before delivering to a PAID Chief Courier.
    Provider will deliver to the PAID Chief Courier, who will then inspect.

    Orders are (PAID) prepared for safe delivery and assigned to reliable PAID courier.
  • Duration & Costs

    This process is not instant. From the day of order to day of delivery can range from 4 days at best, up to 10 days.

    Even with COMP medicine there is unfortunatly a fee for delivery.

    We have to pay the couriers.
    (Our minimum cost is about $35.00+ per delivery)
  • Your feedback is crutial !!!!!

    Please use our "Feedback" form, as it is a critical part of our quality control.
    Located on our "Classifieds" page.