No-Fly Pledge
Peace and justice demand lifestyle change.

A new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers finds humanity has its foot on the accelerator as we head toward a cliff.** They say we need to nearly QUADRUPLE OUR RATE OF DECARBONIZATION.

Air travel is one of the fastest growing contributors to climate change -- over the period 2002 - 2050, the overall contribution of air travel to climate change is expected to increase from 3.5 per cent to between 6 and 10 per cent.*

Flying produces a lot more CO2 than travelling in any other way. What's more, the CO2 released high up in the atmosphere has a far more damaging effect than that released on the ground. Choosing not to fly is an immediate and very effective way of reducing your contribution to climate chaos.

We are especially trying to target frequent, casual, short distance, leisure flights -- flights that are only possible because they are cheap; flights that are disproportionately polluting because most of the fuel is used getting to cruising height and then almost immediately landing; journeys that can easily be made by rail, bus, carpool, or possibly even telecommuting.

Now is the time!

Sign up to the pledge and make an impact! And ask a friend to join you!

* statistics per This pledge piggybacks on theirs.

This pledge is being circulated by the Environmental Change-Makers of Los Angeles
  • Silver pledge = You undertake to take not more than two round-trip short­haul flights, or one round-trip long­haul flight, except in emergency, this year.
    Gold pledge = You undertake not to take any flights, except in an emergency, this year.
    Platinum pledge = Lifetime pledge. You're done with airflight.
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