Transport Volunteer Form
Thank you for applying to become a transporter with us! This is free, and in some cases we will even reimburse for gas depending on the distance.

Transporters are a huge asset to our rescue because they help us get the dog to their foster home. Often times, they are coming from the shelter and need out ASAP. Please fill out the information below
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  • Please provide to references. Only one can be family.

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  • When I help transport dogs for Pyr Paws N Fluffy Tails Rescue I agree to

    *Keep Up Communication
    *Ensure the dog is secure at all times during the transport
    *Be punctual
    *Agree to take the dog from pickup point STRAIGHT to the foster/meeting spot unless asked otherwise.
    *Hand over ALL medical/shelter records if the dog came with any.

    If you agree to all the above, please sign below.