Esperanza Hall Housing Exemption Form
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  • Texas A&M University – San Antonio has implemented a housing requirement stating that first-year students live at Esperanza Hall. Students attending who have earned fewer than 30 semester hours at Texas A&M University – San Antonio are required to reside in Esperanza Hall, if facilities are available. A student with fewer than 30 earned semester hours, who wishes to reside off-campus may be eligible to live off campus, provided one or more of the following criteria is met:

    • The student must be 21 years of age on or before the 12th class day. Proof of age will be required.

    • The student has earned 30 or more semester hours at Texas A&M University – San Antonio. An official transcript must be submitted to the Department of Housing for verification of hours.

    • The student plans to commute from permanent address of parents(s) or relative. The family member must live within 35 driving/highway miles. A relative is an immediate family member (mother/father, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, or grandparent). Proof of family relation and/or proof of residence may be requested.

    • The student or parent owns property in Bexar County. The student may be given a permit to live at that address. Property is defined as a residence that is attached to real property. Proof of property and residence will be required.

    • The student has custody of a child and can provide the Department of Housing with an original birth certificate of the child or custody documentation.

    • The student is married prior to the 12th class day. Proof of marriage will be required.

    • The student has a valid medical disability which cannot be accommodated on campus. Physicians’ documentation may be required. The Director of Housing will make the final decision regarding this situation.

    Unless a student meets one or more of the above criteria, they will be expected to apply and reside at the on campus location. If submitting an Exemption Request Form, please allow 21 business days for University officials to review and respond to the request. Students will receive communication from the Department of Housing stating whether the request for exemption has been approved or denied. Please note that submitting of an Exemption Form and supporting documents does not automatically qualify students to live off campus.