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  • Month/day/year (ex. xx/xx/xxxx)
  • Please let us know who referred you to us or if you found us online or in print media...

    When answering these questions, we know that you cannot tell us your whole story. Please send no more than one page and no less than a paragraph in response to each question. Thank you.
  • Please share a brief intention that you are setting for this program.
  • Please share any previous experience with Melissa. Additionally, please describe your dance, somatic, or expressive arts background or training, include artistic skills, preferred modalities. Please be specific. We want to know about your skills and your gifts. If you have theatre training in lighting, set, tech, or anything like that, please also include that information in your answer.
  • Please share anything relevant that would help us understand your unique call to creatively work in the areas of inclusion, liberation, justice, peace-making. What are the social and environmental questions living in you? What activism are you already engaged in? What are specific challenges you and/or your family/ community are facing in these areas?
  • If you could help transform one social and/or environmental condition on this planet, what would that be? You may be involved in this work already, or you may not be as of yet. Essentially, what is a personal or collective challenge calling for your attention?
  • Is there anything critical that you would like us to know about you? Challenges? Current life changes? Personal needs?

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