CairnsAirportShuttle.Net associate Excellence
1. We specialise in Cairns Airport - Port Douglas - Cairns Airport. We go direct - no stops in Palm Cove or Cairns Northern Beaches.
2. Cairns CBD/ Esplanade? Yes, we can pick up and drop off - to and from Port Douglas.
3. You will be met at the airport by a driver with your name on a sign by your flight's baggage carousel.
4. We use Toyota Hi Ace, Toyota Coaster and Hyundai iMax vans - 7 to 20 seats, fully A/C and seat belts with luggage trailer. Quicker pick up and drop off vs large 50 seat buses.
  • Booking Instructions

    Fields with (*) are important compulsory questions. Please review all fields in this booking form.
  • Please enter as **** *** ***. Please include the mobile number contactable at Cairns airport on Australian phone network. If number is outside Australia, identify as international with the country code eg +44
  • transfer service selection

  • Please note for larger groups 20 is the maximum number of passengers in our largest bus, including any children below.
  • If choosing yes please select "others" as your drop off or pick up, and enter accommodation in message field below. EG. Pick up from DoubleTree by Hilton at 10am.
  • These are supplied at no extra charge. If you need child seats, how many and what type? B = booster, FFR = front facing baby seat, RFR = rear facing baby seat
  • Trip 1

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  • Enter nil if no flight. Enter flight departure time if a departure flight from Cairns. Please enter 24 hours time format. EG 13.15
    IMPORTANT: Flight arrivals after 8pm are only serviced as private transfer, and not eligible for std hour rates.
  • Enter nil if no flight.
  • Please select "others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list, and add details in message box below.
  • Please select "others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list, and add details in message box below.
  • Trip 2

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  • Please enter 24 hours time format. For example: 13:15. This is the scheduled time your flight leaves Cairns. You will leave Port Douglas approx: 2.5 to 3 hours before departure. The exact time will be confirmed by text or email to your details on this booking by midday the day before your departure. If going to Cairns Accommodation then enter time as target pick up time from Port Douglas .
  • Please select "others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list, and add details in message box below.
  • Please select "others" if you cannot find the hotel in this list, and add details in message box below.
  • Payment

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  • Enter CSV which is the last 3 digits on the back of your card
  • Price

    Adult #
    1-5 Private Transfer
    6-12 Private Transfer
    One Way
    Standard hours service between hours of 4AM - 8PM. Flights arriving after 8pm and before 4am we only offer private transfer.
    Children are 0 to 15 and cost $15 each way / $30 return. Child seats are available at no charge, but must be included on your booking. FFR = Front Facing Restraint; RFR = Rear Facing Restraint; B = Booster seat. Please indicate number and type of seat in message comments below. EG 1 x FFR, 2 x B.
    $20 extra for each pickup or drop off at Cairns City (Shuttle bus transfer only). ***Christmas Day 2018. To provide our drivers with a fair rate for working Christmas Day we apply $10 per adult, and $5 per child loading for that day. Our service welcomes your Christmas Day booking, and thanks you in advance for your support for our drivers.***
    Now available 14 - 20 Private Transfer $270 one way or $480 return. Private transfers are great value for groups large and small. Be on your way quicker, without waiting, and without sharing with other passengers.

    Price is for seat in shared bus up to 12 other passengers, or private transfer as selected.

  • $
    The total price of your transfer. Please check and insert price as above. Enter only numbers and no decimal point.
  • Note that bookings are seats allocated to your party, so withdrawing a booking has cost implications for all service providers. We make refunds by the same method as payment. For cancellations less than 24 hours before transit no refund is payable.
  • Other (Optional)

  • Use for any notes about your booking request.