Request for Mini Bus or People Carrier
Use this form to request the use of either the Netley 16 seater mini bus or the HPLS 8 seater people carrier. The criteria for permissible use are;

1. Official PSUK sports events or
2. Any other team or group activity which is supported and authorised by HPLS as an official club members activity. (This can include many types of events - If in doubt enquire with HPLS)

Private social use of either vehicle is not permitted. Please provide full details of the event you are wishing to use either vehicle for and submit. We will answer this request as quickly as possible and within 7 days of submission. Using these vehicles outside of the stated criteria may result in uninsured and use without consent. Any request made direct to Netley Reception will be referred to HPLS.

Please email if you have any questions.
  • Please include the 'to and from' time and dates the vehicle is needed for. Collection from Netley must be during office hours Mon-Fri.
  • Please note the requirement for drivers of the 16 seater mini bus to have D1 category on their UK full driving licence. If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you'll automatically have category D1 on your licence. After that a specific test will need to have been done.
  • Please note that due to the maximum carry weight the 8 seater is only suitable as a guide for 6 people if baggage is being taken. 8 people without sports bags or suitcases will normally result in the max weight of 792kg being met, however if in doubt please calculate the weight of passengers and any bags. The driver will be responsible for any breaches of traffic law relating to excess gross weight.
  • Fuel purchased using a Hantspol fuel card may be charged back to the HPLS cost code.