• Windstar Master Association
    Architectural Change Request

    This form is to be completed by the owner, Neighborhood Association or contractor for exterior changes, alterations, or construction on any homeowner’s or Neighborhood Association Unit or lot. The documents for Windstar on Naples Bay Master Association state that approval by the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC") or Board of Directors must be obtained before any work can begin. Some examples are: swimming pools, spas, cages, awnings, shutters, new construction, neighborhood signs, and changes of exterior color, roof replacement, driveway coatings, major landscaping or any changes in the exterior of your property. All new construction and/or additions must be accompanied by blueprints and survey.
  • Please complete the ARC form below, pressing submit will transfer all information to the property manager.


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  • Unit Owner Agreement

    I/We understand that approval of our request must be granted before I/We can proceed with the above requested alterations to our unit. I/We also acknowledge that we could be forced to have the item removed if it is installed without prior approval. I/We acknowledge that if this request is approved “AS PRESENTED” to the BOD, the work must be completed as presented. Any changes are not approved and will not be accepted without the prior approval of the BOD. Any damage done to common areas will be repaired at the cost of the unit owner listed above.

    Approval is not effective until the 7th day following the approval to allow for appeal. No materials should be ordered or contracts agreed to until the 7-day window for appeal has passed. Please withhold commencement until it has been confirmed that there is no appeal.
  • Thank you for completing the online ARC form. The Board will review your submission as soon as possible and you will receive a response once the review is completed.