Ancra International, LLC (also referred here as “Ancra” or the “Company”) is interested in every opportunity to improve its products and add profitable ones in its line. However, it has found certain precautions necessary in accepting disclosures of inventions, suggestions or ideas from persons outside the Company.

Its employees have varied and numerous ideas, worked out in the past, and now being worked out, for the purpose of improving or adding to its many product lines. Some of these ideas may be similar to your own. In order to avoid any possible future confusion between your ideas and ours, and to prevent any misunderstanding as to our respective rights and obligations, certain conditions are set forth below.

- “Ancra International, LLC” (or “Ancra” or the “Company”) means any company or division affiliated with Ancra International, LLC, having a business address of 1655 Worldwide Blvd, Hebron, KY 41048.
- “Submission” means the knowledge, idea, suggestion, concept, invention, technology, information or material, which you submit on this Agreement form.
- “Submitter” means you, the person making this Submission.

1. A full Submission must be furnished to the Company so that it can determine what, if any, interest it has in your idea. A copy of the drawings and descriptive portion of a patent application is preferred. If such is not available, then a sketch or drawing and written description will suffice.

2. The Company cannot return any Submission since it is necessary that it keep a record of what was disclosed to it. Therefore, you should keep a duplicate copy of any Submission.

3. All Submissions are made on a non-confidential basis. There is no obligation on the part of Ancra to maintain the confidentiality or secrecy of all or any part of any Submission. Ancra may disclose the contents of any Submission to any person within or external to Ancra that the Company, at its sole discretion, deems necessary.

4. The Submitter hereby warrants that he or she is legally free and able to make the Submission on a non-confidential basis and that to the best of the Submitter’s knowledge, no one else has any claim to the contents of the Submission.

5. The Company wishes you (the Submitter) to be satisfied that your interests are fully safeguarded as, for instance, by having first filed an application for U.S. patent. If no such application has been filed, you should have the drawings signed, dated and witnessed, or otherwise protect yourself. It is understood that in submitting an idea you have protected yourself to your own entire satisfaction.

6. For Submissions not covered by patent protection, Ancra has the unrestricted right to use any part or all of the Submission, whether or not Ancra was working on similar ideas or technology prior to receiving the Submission. Any compensation given to the Submitter is purely at the discretion of Ancra.

7. For Submissions covered by patent protection, the Submitter agrees to rely wholly on the patent rights, as defined by the claims of a granted patent. For Submissions covered by patent applications, the Submitter agrees to rely wholly on any patent rights that may be granted, as defined by the claims of a granted patent. In the event that no patent issues, the Company would have the same freedom as any other member of the public in using the unpatented idea without payment of any consideration or compensation except as it, in its sole judgment, may decide.

8. The Submitter agrees that any disclosure made to the Company is on the understanding that the Company will consider the disclosure only as far as, in its judgment, the Submission merits, and the Company assumes no obligation to do more than indicate whether or not it is interested.

9. These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between Ancra and the Submitter in respect of the Submission, and supersede any previous agreement with respect to the Submission.

10. The foregoing applies to any invention, idea, or suggestion of any nature which the undersigned has submitted or may submit now or in the future.

11. The Parties’ understanding and expectations relating to this Agreement for Submission of Idea are that the laws of the State of Illinois will apply as set forth herein.

To Ancra International, LLC: The undersigned has read and understands the foregoing, and agrees that any Submission by him or her is on the conditions set forth above.
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