Richardson Mayor's Summer Internship Program
2023 Internship Partner Commitment Form
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  • Note: This writeup will be used in materials given to students so they can provide feedback on internships they are the most interested in interviewing for at the Job Fair. Therefore, please provide a good overview of your organization.
  • Please include physical address of internship if different from the mailing address listed above, if it's the same please put 'same as above.'
  • Internships must be at least 12 hours per week during June 5 - August 4, or at least a total of 96 hours throughout this internship period. For example, if a company only wants to provide an internship for 6 weeks, that is fine as along as the intern is able to complete 96 hours of work during that 6-week period.
  • $ .
    Hourly pay must be a minimum of $12 per hr.
  • Internship start dates need to be after June 2. All interns have mandatory workplace skills training they have to attend on June 1 & 2.
  • If you do not know at this time which department the intern will be working just put "still TBD".