Member Time Report
This form is to allow Club Members to report when they have done Rotary work. Submitting it will send a copy to the club Secretary, or designate. This allows the club to track hours for PR, and as an indicator of club health. The make up will be applied to the most appropriate absence. A make up must occur within 14 days of the missed meeting. Please make sure you turn any documentation, such as a make up slip, to the club Secretary. If you did an eclub make up please make sure that system emails the receipt to the Secretary.
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    If you wish to report more than one date for the same item, put the additional dates in the Description block, e.g. "Attended this on Dec 7, 2012 also". Please be clear. Do not combine different type items.
  • Enter approximate minutes as fraction, e.g. 1.75 is 1hr 45min, or 48 is 2 days.
  • If you attended another club's meeting, include the club name, what committee, what project.
  • Did any other members work with you on this?
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