Global Challenge - Grant Application
You can apply here for a grant of up to 50% of the purchase price of any wearable fitness tracker providing you have signed up as part of a team for the Global Challenge 2019 and you did not make a claim in 2018. All you need to do is to complete the form below and upload a scanned copy of the receipt. Emailed invoices can be forwarded to the HPLS inbox at the same time as submitting the form. Forms without a proof of purchase will be deleted. This claim should only be made for a device purchased for the participants personal use. HPLS members can claim the full 50% up to a maximum of £75. Non HPLS members can claim up to £50. This will apply to any tracker purchased since April 1st 2019. This is a joint initiative with HPLS and the Southampton Police Club Trust Fund.
  • Fitness tracker rebates are made for the staff member participant only who has signed up for the Global Challenge to use in support of that challenge and beyond and in respect of purchases made after April 1st 2019. Any subsequent return of the tracker for a refund to the supplier after a rebate has been claimed must be reported to HPLS. Any information of any claim being made outside of these conditions will be referred to Professional Standards.
  • If you DID make a claim in 2018 please proceed no further with this application.
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