2 0 19 - Lord of Life - Estimate of Sharing
Please use this electronic form to submit your Estimate of Sharing for the ministries of our church. This information is kept confidential and may be changed or updated during the year. This form does NOT authorize any payments to the church on your behalf, it is just an estimate.

We recommend using 'simply giving' for an automated way to ensure your gifts are received. The form is available on the website (www.lordlife.us) or at the church.

Thank you for helping the Missions and Ministries of our church!
  • (Name of family or member contributing to church)
  • (Please enter an email where we may contact you to confirm receipt of this EOS or to ask any questions.)
  • (Please enter your mailbox or envelope number used at the church, like "123". If you don't remember it, please call the church office or email us at eos@lordlife.us
    IF you do not have an envelope #, please input 000.)
  • $ .
    (Please enter the MONTHLY amount that you are anticipating contributing to our ministries)
  • (We can add you to the LifeLines newsletter with the email provided above, and you may unsubscribe at any time)
  • (brief comments here - email 'eos@lordlife.us' if you need more space)

    I understand that this estimate of sharing for the year may be changed anytime by notifying the church office.
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