Due to a lack of separate space, we are limited on the number and types of reservations we can accommodate. We typically do NOT make reservations during busy dining times (after 4pm, Weekends, or special event days).

We can typically accommodate groups of 10 - 35 persons during open hours. For larger groups or to request entire facility, please contact us.

For Group Reservations there are a few things to follow:

1. Group reservations require a minimum food and beverage expense based on group size( see options below) plus 18% gratuity.

2. Food and beverage will be applied to a single tab and the ticket cannot be split.

3. Food order must be placed 24 hours prior to reservation.

4. Deposit may be required.

5. All reservation requests will be evaluated by management. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours between your request and a possible response. In most cases, reservations need to be at least 2-3 weeks out.

Thank You!!!
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