2019 IN2 Church Fall/Winter Mission 가을/겨울 단기선교
“Go! there” (창12:1)

Mission field: Turkey
Mission Focus: GTC 2nd Anniversary
Celebration & Evangelism
Dates: 10/20 (Sun) - 10/27 (Sun)
Fee: $1,200 (accept first 20 applicants)
Meetings: 9/15 (Sun)
Deadline: 9/09 (Mon)

Mission field: Pakistan
Mission Focus: Medical mission and International School ministry
Dates: 11/23 (Sat) - 12/1 (Sun)
Fee: $1,200 (accept first 10 applicants)
(Medical practitioner/ Non-medical practitioner)
Meetings: 9/28 (Sat)
Deadline: 9/16 (Mon)

Mission field: Lebanon
Mission Focus: Medical mission for Syrian refugees and Children ministry
Dates: 12/21 (Sat) - 12/28 (Sat)
Fee: $1,200 (accept first 10 applicants) (Medical practitioner/ Non-medical practitioner)
Meetings: 10/20 (Sun)
Deadline: 9/16 (Mon)

Do not hesitate to ask missions department if you have further questions. Our email address is team.mission@in2church.org.
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  • Required for 해외선교 only
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    Required for 해외선교 only
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  • 1. 불가피한 상황이 아니면 모든 준비모임에 참석하도록 노력합니다. I will make every effort to attend all meetings. Only two absence could be allowed with solid reasons. If I would miss more than two meetings, I will discuss this with leading pastor and Mission department before I submit this application.

    2. 비행기 티켓은 내가 신청하는 즉시 구매가 됩니다. 환불이 불가합니다. My mission’s application fee cannot be refunded under any circumstance. Also, my name on my passport and mission’s application is identical and accurate. Flights will be booked immediately after this application is submitted.