The mother of my girlfriend
I met Carmen when I was 17 at a high school party. She was a girl from the first grade, at 14 years old, dark, still short and with some meloncitos quite developed for her age. I was with some girls that I knew and it was not difficult for me to approach her and dance with her. Between them the love quickly arose like a crush. We danced and I accompanied her to her house. It wasn't hard for me to shake her hand and kiss her goodbye.

I became obsessed with her. It didn't take long for my friends to notice that I was in love and they messed with me, but I didn't care, so I ran into each other one day and went to school together. I asked her out on Saturday ... And she accepted! What a blast! Everything went smoothly on Saturday. At the cinema we kissed each other on the mouth. We did not take long to give ourselves the second and the third.

Perhaps influenced by my friends, I wish a few days later to give her a good batch, for which I chose another high school party that held another class. We both sat in that dark area where all the couples sit. We were soon excited. She allowed herself to be fucked in the ass, even under the skirt and the breasts. Everything was on silk. But when I went to put my hand between her legs, Carmen flatly refused. I got mad, because he left me with two candles.

I tried many times but she was very reluctant. The only solution I saw was to get home and masturbate. And so he did.

One day he invited me to have a snack at his house before leaving. There I met his mother, and what a mother! All the sensuality that Carmen lacked had Dª Carmen, whom I will call Mamen, as she wanted me to call her. Mamen was 32 years old, brown, with long curly hair. A great guy with a narrow waist and a wide, well-shaped ass. Her tits were of a size that compared to her daughter's were huge, but very well placed, because she was very athletic, as I could see when she received us in a black aerobics jersey that showed her splendid body

I wasn't surprised that there wasn't a man in the house, since Carmen had told me that her mother was a single mother. She was very nice and charming and smiled mischievously at me. He pounced on me a little to pour me a coffee and I could see her infinite cleavage.

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Maybe that's why, when I caught the daughter alone, I was more determined than ever to finish fucking her pussy at once and asked her to take the minga from me. She refused. In the end he agreed to take the minga from me, but I couldn't touch the rabbit. Her mother had always told her, surely from her own experience. In the end he agreed to masturbate me, for which we chose an alley he knew. Since it was winter, I would cover my coat just in case.

Carmen was restless and due to her little experience she hit me with such force that it was impossible not to feel pain, so I asked her to stop. She got mad. I also. I walked her to her house without saying a word and we said goodbye coldly.

Nothing happened. I spent the night without sleep, and she must have spent it crying. On the other hand, I masturbated to take off my fever, but I couldn't stop thinking about Mamen, the mother, when I did it. He called me first thing in the morning, no doubt influenced by his mother. She invited me to pick her up in the afternoon, and I agreed because I was so in love with her. When the afternoon came, I found that Carmen had not fixed herself yet because her mother was in the bathroom. Her mother came to meet me with a bundled towel, which Carmen took to shower and dress.

Mamen began to tell me that Carmen had told her everything. He didn't blame me, but he asked me for patience. She warned me that if I got her daughter pregnant, she would cut my eggs. Her daughter was still very young, she told me. I was having a terrible time, but then he made me an offer that left me stunned ... If he wanted sex, he could have her, on the condition of leaving the daughter alone. In this, the daughter finished coming out of the bathroom and Mamen told me in a low voice that she would call me.

Carmen had a schedule that forced her to stay in class an hour longer than I did some days. Mamen called me at this time and reminded me of the "agreement". I had no choice but to go, because it was an offense to my manhood not to go and because I kept thinking about that 32-year-old woman.

He received me in a robe. He asked me to come in and served me a cola, with a little rum. He sat next to me and started talking to me. I was so tense that I stammered back. So sitting she showed me an exquisite thigh, and she saw him up to the navel. Suddenly, he unzipped my fly and unbuckled my belt, and pulled my dick out. It didn't take long for me to masturbate listening to a voice that lulled me and skillful hands that milked me. I did not stain my clothes because he was careful to protect them with a napkin.

From that day on I respected my girlfriend, just as her mother asked me. I appreciated in her the young idealistic woman, quite the opposite of what led me to see her mother in a few days. Mamen greeted me in a nightgown. He repeated the operation from the previous afternoon, but I was more determined, so I began to kiss her on the mouth while she took out my cock. Her mouth was meatier than her daughter's, but her tongue was more expert. He put it between my lips and looked for my own tongue.

I unbuttoned the buttons on her nightgown and took her huge, hot breasts, and started toying with her nipples, which were hard. I accidentally came, staining my shirt and pants this time. He cleaned the spots as best he could, with water. It was a compromised situation, since Carmen was arriving, but fortunately, the coat concealed everything.

When I went to see Carmen's mother the third time, she assured me that the day before would not happen again, and it was. She repeated the operation of the previous day, in the same nightgown. I was beginning to feel very excited, when suddenly, he lowered his head towards my groin and whoosh! He put it in his mouth! I have never felt so much pleasure. I couldn't touch her tits so gladly, but my hands pushed her head up and down. He ate it all. I saw her get up quickly and go to the bathroom, probably to spit it out. I followed her and I could see that she had no panties under her nightgown. There was a damp stain that made me think my mother-in-law was less harsh than she looked.

I was eating the coconut all week. It was very selfish. He must give her some kind of satisfaction. So when I saw her again the following week, she greeted me in her robe. I didn't sit on the couch, but walked over to her and started kissing her, yanking her robe off. There she was, naked. With chocolate-colored nipples the size of caramel. This time, she was wearing panties. I started to eat her nipples and planted my hand between her legs. After giving in briefly, we had a fight to see who was leading the initiative. We ended up sitting on the sofa and she, on her knees, above me, eating my cock. He was pulling her by the hair, as if wanting to believe that I was the one taking the initiative. He kept rubbing my leg against his toto. I came into her mouth, and she swallowed it all again. She hugged me against my body,

I stopped her from dressing and I was watching her for a long time, watching her breasts, her hips, her thighs, her buttocks that showed in her low-cut panties. She approached me when I asked her to and I buried my face between her thighs, and I could smell the perfume of her sex that mixed with that of her clothes.

I would tell my friends what was happening with Mamen as if it happened with his daughter, my girlfriend. A boy showed me a magazine in which a man, before putting his cock in, ate a woman's pussy, as well as Mamen. My obsession was to eat Mamen's pussy, although I thought that in the end it would make me sick. When I called him on the phone on the eve of our date, I did not walk away in contemplation and told him directly that I wanted to eat her pussy. Then he asked me to shave. Think of myself as seventeen years old, more than a mustache I had fluff.

When I arrived, Mamen was playing sports. I was a little sweaty. He had a pair of pants that showed his thighs and a very tight shirt. He kissed me on the mouth, as he had started to do when he went there and his daughter was gone. Without much thought he told me to take off my pants and clothes. I stayed in shorts, a T-shirt and socks. He looked at me askance, and with some sarcasm, and began to undress. He took off his T-shirt and his sweaty melons were exposed. Then he pulled down his pants and panties. He had a huge clump of hair. He came into the living room and sat on the sofa. I approached her and got on my knees, to eat her tits. His body was slimy and smelled a bit of sweat. I did not care. I wanted that woman.

He did not know how to eat the toto to Mamen, but she, sensing it, spread her legs. placing your feet on my shoulders. Before me all sex opened, covered in forest, and in the middle, a line that was as clear as a landing strip in the middle of the jungle. I licked that crack as I savored its perfumed scent. Mamen showed me where to suck to get her sex wet, as she held her clit between her fingers as she gently pushed my head against him.

For the first time I saw Mamen get excited and lose control, and above all, when I verified in my displeased expression that I had come. Mamen began to move rhythmically as I was captivated by the head that was rubbing against its crack as it repeated "love, love, love."

For the first time I heard my girlfriend's mother hum, as she composed herself and tried to wash my underpants. I approached Mamen, who was with only her panties on. I had become spliced ​​just by seeing it and I demanded, rather than asking, that I eat it again. I lay down on the floor and waited for her to lie on me, starting with my feet, but I was wrong. It came on all fours from my head. She passed her face, then her honey-colored tits and finally planted her belly in front of me. Then she bent down against me and I began to feel how the dick was messing with me, while I began to perceive again the perfumed smell of her sex. This time he swallowed what little semen I could reward him with.

We neglected ourselves a little and Carmen arrived while we dressed. I quickly dressed in the bathroom, while her mother quickly made up in a robe. Carmen did not suspect anything. His mother led him to believe that he had invited me to lunch that day, just because.

But that day was special because I discovered the female orgasm. I discovered that I could get a 32-year-old woman like Mamen to convulse with pleasure. From that day on it was nothing like it.

I would come and sit on the couch, while Mamen would come to my knees to eat my cock. I would then grab the melons, and caress her hard, and gently pinch her nipples. Then she would lie down, and I would eat her pussy, but it didn't take me long to penetrate her with my fingers. Then I was so excited that I came again. The carpet soon filled with rather suspicious stains.

I told all this to my friends, making them believe that Carmen was the one who came, and my friends called me a little man, because they said that what I had to do was take her at once, "Let's see if you fuck her time "they kept repeating to me. I told them that I would not do it until she reached the age of majority. They stopped mocking, but I knew very well that that excuse of coming of age did not work for the mother.

One day I went to the house and when the blowjob ritual began, I took her by the neck and gently threw her against the carpet. Then I did to get on top of her. She refused it. After a slight struggle that went no further, he blamed me that without condoms, nothing. So I had to settle for the blowjob. But to get revenge, at the end of the blowjob, he hit me with a snack that I thought had gotten me.

It wasn't long before I went to a pharmacy to buy condoms. I put myself of all the colors before that girl who dispatched, but the desire to behave like a man could more than the shame. When I bought them, the idea of ​​surprising Mamen came to me, so for the first time in my life I played truant, and I went that morning to my girlfriend's house, which would be at school. I knocked on the door twice and I was greeted by totally sleepy Mamen. He was surprised to see me there.

I confess that for a moment I was jealous just thinking that I could discover her with some man I had met, which as I later found out as she went along was false, but despite this, I feigned jealousy while she assured me that she had not gone to bed with no man in weeks. She was wearing the nightgown with which she had received me so many times, under which there were only panties. I don't know what happened to me that I transformed.

I called her a whore, while I yanked her nightgown apart. This attitude of mine scared him at first, but then I discovered a smile and a lost look that only showed satisfaction. I grabbed her by the waist and caught her against my mouth. She put up a lukewarm resistance. My lips bit down on her nipple with a lack of respect that surprised me even. She kept telling me "No, sweetheart, no, no ...".

Her torn nightgown fell under its own weight, and I ordered "Take off your panties, bitch, today you're going to fuck with me at once". Mamen took off her panties. So I took off my clothes while Mamen looked at me fearfully, and I took out the box of condoms, still with the paper from the pharmacy wrapper. Mamen laughed. I turned red, but she kept quiet quickly to avoid cutting me.

I went to put the condom on, but I was going to put it inside out. Mamen stepped in to make me see that I was getting it wrong. She offered to put it on herself. With just the touch of his thin fingers, and smelling the proximity of his body I came.

My premature ejaculation weighed on me like never before. Mamen, always understanding, calmed me down and made me a breakfast. Then she showered, while I reflected on my problem. Suddenly I heard her sing and just imagining her I got spliced. I peeked into the bathroom, and there it was under the stream of the shower. I did not hesitate to wait for him to come out and when he came out with the towel around his body, I attacked him again with the same violence as before, but without wasting effort on words.

I undressed her by removing the towel. I took her to her bedroom and pushed her against the bed. Her damp hair spread between the sheets. Her body oozed the scent of freshly scrubbed soap. This time I put the condom on myself. He was waiting for me with his legs open. My pelvis pushed, overcoming successive narrowings. As I had come before, this time I had to work beautifully between the woman's legs to get me to cum, while she, with her legs tied behind me, withstood the thrusts, and received them bravely. We ran and stayed like this, one on top of the other.

That day, Mamen began treating me like a son, unable to deny me any whim. For my part, I respected my part of the pact, respecting Carmen until she was eighteen. The truth is that, between the mother and the daughter, I stay with the mother.
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