What makes you smile?
American Craft Week is looking for great photos of crafts that make you smile, make you laugh, uplift your spirits. It can be something you make, a craft you've purchased or just a piece you love.
  • Prize: $250 for the top photo
    Entrees must be received by September 21, 2018
    American made crafts only
    You must be able to tell us who made the craft
    Only submit an image you have taken or have the rights to.
    The National ACW Committee will choose the nine finalists and the winning photo.
    One photo will be posted to the American Craft Week Facebook page each day during American Craft Week, October 5-14, with the Grand Prize Winner posted on October 14.

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  • Finish the phrase in 1-5 words
  • If you know
  • Minimum size 1MB
    Maximum size 5MB