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Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, please provide the name and telephone number of your landlord so we can verify that pets are allowed. *
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If you this is your first pet and you have never been to a veterinarian before, please enter "First Pet". If you do not currently have a vet but have been to one in the past, please list that vet's name.
Veterinarian's Phone Number *
If you this is your first pet and you have never been to a veterinarian before, please enter "First Pet". If you do not currently have a vet, but have been to one in the past please list that vet's phone number.
Name your veterinary records would be under (if not your own).
Name(s) of current (or past) pets cared for by this veterinarian
Do you currently have any pets? If so, list their breeds and ages *
Are all pets current on both rabies and other health vaccinations? *
HSCC requires all current pets to be up to date on vaccinations and will call your vet to verify.
Are all of your pets spayed/neutered? If not, please explain. *
HSCC prefers all current pets to be spayed/neutered.
Do you use heartworm and flea/tick preventatives regularly? *
Please list the name of the product you use.
Do your current pets get along well with other dogs and/or cats? *
If you have other pets, describe how you will introduce your new pet to them. *
Do you plan to crate train/ house train your new pet? *
How will you contain your pet when outdoors? *
If you have a fenced yard, what is the type and height of the fencing? Approximately what size is your fenced yard? *
If your pet will be outdoors, how will you provide for shelter, interaction with family, and safety? *
If kept indoors, how many hours will the pet be alone each day? *
When your pet is alone, how will you provide for containment and entertainment so the pet does not become destructive? *
How would you handle behavior problems in a pet? *
Under what circumstances would you return the pet to HSCC? *
Per adoption agreement, the pet should never be returned to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. If a problem arises, contact HSCC.
How much do you estimate it will cost for annual care of a healthy pet? *
Are you financially able to provide basic healthcare plus treatment of future illnesses/accidents? *
If your dog tests positive for heartworms during regular adoption services, are you able to pay for treatment, which can range from $50-$300? *
Heartworms are caused by mosquitoes and should be prevented with a monthly pill purchased from your vet.
Please add any additional information that you believe may be useful.
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