Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest
Participate in the annual Hometown Holiday Decorating Contest. Residents are invited to decorate their own festive house by December 8th. Decorations installed by a professional service will not be eligible. The contest is open to any home within the City of Oakley limits. Limited to the exterior front yard and roof only. Entries will be posted online for the public to vote on.

This year we will accept video submissions, or a single photo. You must submit a download link, and videos must be 1 minute or less in length. If the link you provide does not meet the submission requirements you will be contacted to correct the issue before the deadline of December 8th. If you are unable to provide a photo or corrected link you will be ineligible for participation. Videos must be of your decorations only no added graphics, text or music.

Entry Deadline: December 8th, Winner Announced: December 15th
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  • One photo per home.
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