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Samsung has indeed enhanced their game rapidly and consistently in the previous years, by introducing a mickle of new features and some mind-blowing tech, they’re gradually shifting the gaze of the masses to their empire of solace. They are really causing a stir, and with Apple and Samsung going head-on against each other, we know we can be anticipating some really fascinating devices in the nearest future. Here are five reasons why Samsung products are irresistibly charming:

Wider range of selection
Samsung has got plenty varieties of phones you can choose from depending on your desire and need. Depending on your choice and financial capability, Samsung has smartphones from low end to high end in stock for you. You can go for the Samsung high-end smartphones if you possess an ample amount of money to spend and if otherwise, the Samsung budget end phones are there for pick-up.

Brilliant AMOLED display and big screen
People who fancy radiant and dazzling items are usually lovers of Samsung phones. An autonomous proving disclosed that one of the Samsung devices has the best smartphone display. So those who crave the luminous and colorful display in a wide screen literally tilt towards the Samsung products than other brands. An ample amount of people are even appreciating and benefitting from the resplendency of AMOLED display spanning through budget end to high end in Samsung phones.

The camera
The cameras are exactly what you call Superb as they are topnotch in Samsung phones. Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the Samsung brands with large camera pixels making it more suitable in low light and it possesses a dual picture autofocus that captures accurate images even when the object is in motion. They are accompanied with an additional wide selfie camera so group pictures can be taken conveniently.

The curves
Samsung smartphones possess some beautiful curves. Though, as shallow as it might seem, Samsung are producing some really alluring smart phones and they feel pretty astonishing to lay hands on. The curved shape of Samsung phones make the phones feel cozier and more secure in one’s hand. Additionally, the pleasure of viewing videos on your smartphone is one like never before, as it brings about illusion of a larger screen.

Excellent service after sales
Unexpected incidents may arise after purchasing your phone. You might crush your phone’s screen accidentally or be required to replace your battery after a year or two. You need not to be worrisome because Samsung is always there for you. They issue guarantee for your device and as well have credible service centers who will readily attend to you within the shortest duration of time should your warranty get expired.

On the contrary, Samsung phones as well as spare parts unlike many other phone brands in circulation are ubiquitous as they are readily obtainable in each and every mobile retail shop and markets around the city.