Recent Visit Survey

Was the doctor punctual? *
 Yes they were right on time/early. 
 They were < 15 minutes late. 
 They were > 15 minutes late. 
 I'm not sure. 
If the doctor was > 15 minutes
late, did they call to advise you
of the schedule change?
 They called but I did not receive the message before the visit 
 n/a, the doctor was on time/early 
Was the doctor organized? *
Was the doctor knowledgable? *
 Very knowledgable but they overloaded me with information 
 Very knowledgable, and well explained/described. 
 Somewhat knowledgable 
 Not knowledgable 
Did the doctor answer all
questions to your satisfaction?
 Yes, they spent ample time and answered all questions clearly. 
 They answered all of the questions but I didn't understand everything they said. 
 They seemed rushed and did not answer all of my questions. 
 They made me feel stupid for needing to ask questions. 
How did you feel about the cost
of services?
 Overpriced/I did not get my money's worth. 
 Priced slightly high but I felt I got my money's worth. 
 Priced just right. 
 A definite bargin, I would have paid more for the service. 
How did the doctor handle your
 They seemed comfortable with my horse(s) and handled them appropriately. 
 They used excess force. 
 They seemed afraid of my horse(s). 
Would you use this practice in
the future/refer your friends
 Yes definitely! 
 Yes if the price was lower. 
 Maybe if the price was lower. 
 Maybe for an emergency if no one else would come. 
 No, never again 
Please describe anything that
could have been done differently
to give you/your horse a better
experience today.
This form is anonymous;
however, if there is something
detailed above that you would
like to be contacted about,
please leave your preferred
contact information here.