Website information
  • Please understand.

    If you do not possess the patience, to read this information carefully, or you're unable to understand the information provided here, you most likely will not be capable, of operating this website business efficiently.
  • Founded 2012
    Luxury lodging for up to 2 persons provided, for qualified prospects.
    (North Coast California)
  • Home Operated, anywhere there is internet access.

    Medical Cannabis related.
    Connecting patients, providers and physicians.
    Does not stock, sell or trade cannabis products.

    Operated by internet, email and phone.
    Time investment of 15 to 20 hours per week.
    Profits of $225,000.00+ annually and growing.

    216 Subscribing Providers, in 41 states, averaging $95.00 a month each.
    77 Paid Sponsors / Members, in 28 states, averaging $350.00 a year each.
    3665 registered patients, in 41 states.
  • Since banks will not yet facilitate such related businesses,
    this is an ALL CASH business.

    Daily cash flow. Records and proof of cash generation, are stored on the cloud auditing system.
    Best proof of cash flow, is to witness in person. (Northern California)
  • Rounded down to the nearest $100.

    2012 - $40,600.00 (8 months)

    2013 - $78,300.00
    2014 - $127,100.00
    2015 - $143,300.00
    2016 - $178,800.00
    2017 - $195,600.00
    2018 - $219,300.00

    There is not much overhead expense.
    The website is about $335.00 a year and paid until 2022.
    The forms / cloud system provider is $119.40 a year and paid until 2020.
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  • I have had a few appraisals.

    $ 593,700.00
    $ 677,890.00

    Due to the uncertain future of the industry, I believe it is worth about $450,000.00
  • $85,000.00 for 49% ownership.
  • Transfer of business comes with up to 30 days unlimited training, to buyers complete satisfaction.
    90 days on call assistance.

    Exploring my 60's, battling melanoma and COPD, hoping to retire.
    I'm tired, have saved more than enough to last the rest of my life and a future for my children.
  • Owner Financing:

    Owner will finance with $100,000.00 down.
    $5,850.00 a month for 12 months.
  • Requirements & Training

    *Basic knowledge of website operation, design and management.

    Duties include:
    1. Recognizing authentic medical cannabis certifications and how to verify.
    2. Monitoring, Recording and Accounting of Providers and transactions.
    3. Date sensitive Invoicing and Billing.
    4. Attention to feedback, problem solving and monitoring of Provider / Patient relationships.

    Please do not waste my time or yours.
    If you are not capable of obtaining the cash needed for purchase, it will not benefit you nor I.
    No crutial information will be provided until agreement is signed and payment is rendered.
    Due to very sensitive information, such as operational proceedures, Members, Sponsors, Patients, Couriers, Providers, etc.
    Qualified buyers will witness the cash flow, patient order flow and ease of operation.

    And because I would be inviting you into my beautiful home.
    With consideration and courtesy to my wife, my housekeeper, my cook, a tennent, my son and their safety, you will be required to present valid photo identification.

    You will need to sign non disclosure agreement and provide verification of financial capability, prior to any tours, training, discussion, or transfer of sensitive information.

    The only responses have been from individuals who do not have the capital for purchase, or the capability to successfully operate the website.
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    After 1:00PM West Coast Time.
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