Kids Christmas Pageant Registration
The Pageant is on Sunday, December 17 at the 10:30 service.
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    Gabriel (and father) – should be 3-4 yrs old
    Angel Messenger for Joseph
    4 Servants
    Puppet Carrier 1
    Puppet Carrier 2
    Innkeeper’s Wife
    Shepherd Angel
    Flag Holders
    Star Angel
    Little Stars
    3 Kings
    Banner Bearer
    Lantern Holder
    Horn Carrier
    Basket Holder
    Bundle Holder
    Train Holders
    Teen Readers
    Teen Set Mover

    Please share with us your child's desired roles. Be sure that you request roles with rehearsal dates which you are able to attend.

    Rehearsals during Sunday School hour (9:15-10:15am) on:

    December 3 - Readers, Mary, Joseph, Father of Gabriel, Innkeeper and Innkeeper's Wife

    December 10 - Shepherds, Flags, Star Angel and Little Stars, Kings and Procession and Shepherd Angel

    December 17 - Full cast and leaders run thru of the Pageant

    *Mary and Joseph will be determined by lottery on Sunday, November 12.
  • please list your child's most preferred role.
  • please list your child's 2nd most preferred role.
  • please list your child's third most preferred role.