American Craft Week Presents Metamorphosis
Repurposed, Recycled, Resourceful Craft
  • American Craft Week is searching for twenty-five exceptional craft artists who make their art out of recycled materials. We want to know what inspired you, the materials you use, your process, and of course, the end result, your creations.

    The national American Craft Week Committee will judge the entries on the following criteria:
    1. An impressive body of work demonstrating excellence in design and skill level.
    2. The extent to which the original materials were transformed into new art.
    3. How much of the art is made from recycled materials.
    4. The quality and craftsmanship of the art.
    5. Where the general public can see and/or purchase your art.

    Entries accepted until midnight, Friday, June 22, 2018.

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  • Images

    Up to 5 photos of the nominee & work. At least one image of your work should be high resolution (approximately 1 mb). Total of all images can not exceed 10mb.
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