Swab-its® Multi Caliber Bore-Whips™
Thank you for your willingness to evaluate Swab-its® Firearm Cleaning Products new Multi-Caliber Bore-Whips™.

There are three products in your sample bag; one Multi-Caliber Bore-Whips™ threaded 8-32, and the package of Swab-its® Bore-tips® in the caliber you selected.

Please, use the Multi-Caliber Bore-Whips™ and Bore-tips® combination to clean your firearm’s barrel as part of your normal cleaning process.
In completing the included survey please circle all the choices that apply.
Your time, effort and feedback are sincerely appreciated and we look forward to your responses.


The Marketing Team at Super Brush
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  • Thank you again for being part of Swab-its® Multi-Caliber Bore-Whips™ beta test. Your participation helps us continue to create products that will aid in faster, easier firearm cleaning.