2020 AFLV Central | Call for Programs
Welcome to the 2020 AFLV Central Call for Programs. We want to thank you for taking the time to contribute to the educational experience at AFLV Central, which includes the National Black Greek Leadership Conference (NBGLC) and intentional programming for cultural Greeks and members of our LGBTQA community.

The conference experience will begin on Thursday, January 30th and conclude on Sunday, February 2nd at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, IN.

Each year we receive a tremendous amount of program proposals for the conference. Please understand this is a very difficult and highly selective process and acceptance and rejection are both inherent possibilities associated with submission.

Want to know what we're looking for? Click Here.

Please note that the information provided on this form will be used in our program book, website, and mobile application. If your program is accepted, AFLV reserves the right to modify the session title and description, as formatting requires.

All program submissions must be received by Monday, September 16, 2019 11:59 pm (PDT).

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Steiner, AFLV Director of Conference Educational Programs.
  • Program Overview

    The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) exists to accelerate progress in fraternity & sorority communities through change-enabling experiences.

    Based on the mission of the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values, please answer the following:
  • Limited to 100 Characters
  • Identify the topic and overall goal of the session. The information you provide will help attendees understand the purpose of your session. You are limited to 125 words. Remember your audience, when crafting your message!

    A few instructions:
    - Write in future tense and the second person.
    - Do not use bullet points.
    - Preview the content and program outcomes/intentions.
    - Employ an educational tone.
    - Focus on the content being provided.
    - Address your target audience.
    - Outline the strategy for application of concepts.
    - Clarify and explain the relevancy of the topic.
  • Examples could be answers to these questions:

    - What do you want the learner to know/be able to do?
    - What knowledge, skill or abilities should the learner be able to demonstrate?
    - Limit to 50 words.
  • Please review AFLV Call for Programs to confirm program topic area aligns with intended session content.
  • If the program is intended for professionals please do not select a secondary audience group.
  • Schedule/Session Time

    Please share your session availability and schedule preferences for each block range below. All efforts will be made to place selected programs based on your availability preferences, but we cannot guarantee it.

    PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to accept date changes following the program acceptance process, apart from an exceptional circumstance.
  • I am available and prefer this block. I am not available for this block.
    Ed Block 1 (Thursday Evening - 75 minutes)
    Ed Block 2 (Friday Morning - 60 minutes)
    Ed Blocks 3 - 4 (Friday Afternoon - 75 minutes)
    Ed Block 5 (Saturday Morning - 60 minutes)
    Ed Blocks 6 - 7 (Saturday Afternoon - 75 minutes)
  • Presentation Team

    AFLV recommends no more than three presenters per educational session.

    Please note that while fields for additional presenters/panelists are optional, incomplete forms may result in your submission not being considered.
  • The information provided for you will be how we communicate with you/your team about the status of your submission.
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    For AFLV Staff use only. Will not be published.
  • The information provided here will be how we communicate with you/your team about the status of your submission
  • Presentation A/V

    Check below to identify the A/V equipment needed for your program. Do not request equipment unless is it imperative to your program implementation. Lead presenters will have the opportunity to verify or change this information if the program is selected, however there will be a hard deadline for all program changes.

    NOTE: Wireless access is not available in any educational session rooms.
  • Please note that MAC Adapters or USB cables for non VGA laptops will not be provided, so you are responsible for bringing your own.
  • Presenter Agreement

    By providing this program submission, you acknowledge and agree to the following: