Biology Scholars Program Application

BSP Spring 2017 Application
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE - January 6th, 2017 by noon.

    Late and/or paper applications will NOT be accepted.

    *You CANNOT save and resume this application. Please be sure to type your essays on a word processor (Word, TextEdit, etc.,) and paste it into the space provided on this electronic form when you are ready to submit the COMPLETE application.

  • Ex. Spring 2016, Fall 2016
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  • The federal government uses the above categories for reporting purposes.
  • The federal government uses the above categories for reporting purposes.
  • Please see the following site if you would like to verify your federal low income status:

  • Please enter the School's name, city, and state
  • ex. 3.94, 4.00
  • If applicable.

    If you are a transfer student, simply type 0.
  • If you did transfer from a Community College, please fill in the school's name, city and state.
    (ex. City College of San Francisco, SF. Ca.)
  • If yes, please enter the semester/year.
  • If yes, please enter the semester/year.
  • Please select option which describes the highest degree obtained by one or both of your parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Ex. 1999 / Spring
  • Ex. Bio Chem, Biology, Psych, McellBio, Math
  • Scientist, Doctor, Nursing, Biotech, etc.
  • Ex. 20hrs per week
  • Ex. Chem 1A, MCB 15
  • If you were not referred by a person, please indicate "n/a" above. Also, please note that your referral may be contacted.
  • Please note that your referral may be contacted.

  • Please respond completely and thoughtfully to the following questions, using personal examples whenever possible.

    Write your answers in a separate document and then copy and paste them into the boxes so that you will have a copy of your essay submissions after you submit this form.

    As a reminder, you CANNOT save and resume this application, so only enter all of the following essay information when you are ready to submit.
  • 300 Word Maximum for this passage.
  • 200 Word Maximum for this passage.
  • 300 Word Maximum for this passage.
  • 400 Word Maximum for this passage.
  • 250 Word Maximum for this passage.
  • The following questions ask how you think about yourself and your science identity. Please select the best answer on the scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree).


    One of the biggest strengths of BSP is the active participation of its members in support of each other’s success. Some specific minimum membership requirements are listed below, but they just represent a baseline of participation. We require that all applicants review the following expectations of membership before submitting their application.

    Minimum BSP Member Requirements:

    1. Attend the All Student Meeting (1/2 day on a Saturday) at the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semester.

    2. Meet with an advisor at least once per semester in their first year in BSP and at least once a year after that.

    3. Attend at least the first session of each BSP study group in which they are enrolled in the corresponding class.

    4. Complete John Matsui’s Fall 1-unit course, IB C96, and Spring 2-unit course, MCB 15, within their first two years of BSP membership.

    5. Help clean and maintain the student room during use and when selected randomly for a group clean-up.

    6. Follow all rules regarding the protection and maintenance of BSP resources and facilities.

    7. Promptly respond to any communications and surveys from BSP staff during their undergraduate years and after graduation from Cal.

    I hereby confirm and certify that all of the information above is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge and written and submitted by me, the undersigned. I release this information to the Biology Scholars Program and its staff for the purposes of evaluating my application. I understand that the Biology Scholars Program continually monitors and advises the program participants up to and after graduation from UC Berkeley. It is therefore necessary to obtain data on each participant’s academic performance and other participant progress (e.g. application and/or acceptance to professional and graduate programs, etc.). I further understand that the Biology Scholars Program may use the demographic and academic performance information to compile statistical data about its participants for the purpose of evaluating and disseminating the program to its funders and/or the public. My electronic signature below indicates my consent for the use and release of my information for these purposes. Confidentiality will be strictly maintained (Student Rights under the Family Privacy Act of 1974, as amended).

  • By typing my name, I understand this will be considered my electronic signature and I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I authorize the verification of any or all information listed above.
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