Qualified Dog Registration Form & Waver (2020)
Once all completed forms have been received, you will receive an email (at the address provided below) containing a link directing you to the Box Office to purchase your Dog Pass.

Once the completed online form has been received and you have purchased your Dog's Pass, the pass will be printed and placed at Customer Service for pick-up when you visit. The Dog Pass must be affixed to your dog's leash loop. This will allow easy and safe viewing of the pass.

Each time you visit, simply proceed to the E-Ticket entrance or ticket windows to have your dog's pass scanned for entry. The Registration Form and Qualified Dog Waiver will stay on file at the Dog Days Registration Window.
  • 1. Information About You

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  • Information About Your Pet

  • Vaccination Information

    All Vaccinations Must be Current. Date of Most Recent Vaccinations.
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  • Information About Your Veterinarian

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  • Qualified Dog Waiver (2020)

    I am aware that during my visit to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, certain inherent risks are involved, including, but not limited to, negligence on my part or another person’s party. In consideration of this, I hereby declare that my dog has NOT been deemed to be a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal and agree that neither the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, it’s owners, agents, assignees or employees shall be liable to the undersigned, or those claiming through or under the undersigned, for injury, death, personal loss or property damage suffered or caused by my own negligence, or the negligence of someone else. If a bite, scratch or other injury or damage should occur, I agree to (1) report it immediately to a Faire staff or security representative and (2) remain on site with my pet until I have received instructions from the local authorities regarding the required procedure. I have read the Dog Days Decrees. I understand and agree to compliance for my dog and myself. I also certify that the information I have given is correct and current.

    I hereby certify to the following facts:
    1. I am the owner of the dog attending the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
    2. I will be in control of my dog at all times while at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
    3. All of the information I have provided in this 2020 Qualified Dog Registration and Waiver Form is accurate.
    4. My dog has not been deemed a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal at any time in the past.
    5. My dog has never caused a problem in a crowded public environment.

    If my pet should bite a person, bite another pet, cause property damage, and/or be directly or indirectly involved in any incident, I agree to do the following:
    1. Report the incident immediately to a Renaissance Faire staff or security member.
    2. Remain on site with my pet and available until I have received instructions from the Renaissance Faire staff and/or local authorities regarding the required procedures.
  • Registration Authorization & Waiver Agreement

    I have read and understand the 2020 Qualified Dog Registration and Waiver Form. I understand and agree to full compliance for my pet, my guests and myself. I certify that all information I have provided on the Qualified Dog Registration Form is current and correct.
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