Letter of Release Application Form
If you are an international student visa holder intending to transfer to another CRICOS registered provider in Australia within six (6) calendar months of your principal program in Charles Darwin University (CDU), you will need to apply for release.

Release will only be granted on compassionate or compelling circumstances relating to your welfare. This means that either there are family, medical or ‘well-being’ reasons for supporting a transfer (compassionate reasons); or that there are circumstances that are generally beyond your control and which have an impact on your course progress or well-being (compelling reasons). Furthermore, you should be able to demonstrate documentary evidence to support that such compassionate or compelling circumstances exist.

This process is in accordance with the guidelines set out by the National Code of Practice 2018 Standard 7 and Charles Darwin University’s International Students – Transfer Between Registered Providers Procedures.
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  • Once you click 'submit' your application will be forwarded to the International Compliance Officer. The outcome of your application is available within ten (10) working days from the date you submit your application.
    Should you have any questions, please email international@cdu.edu.au