• Please read these instruction very carefully, if your naming convention does not match this criteria your images could be omitted from the competition. You have been warned!

    Your images must be a .jpg (NOT jpeg), in the sRGB colour space and sized at 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall (whichever is the greater).

    Your image File Name must be in the format of - Your Picture Title_Your Name.jpg - e.g. "A Lovely Picture_Joe Bloggs.jpg" without the " " - No numbers, punctuation or other special characters. Do not USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for your title or your name.

    You will receive a confirmation email if your images have been received ok.
  • This award will be given to the image that the judge believes has the best quality of light. The subject matter is unimportant. The primary subject should be well/sympathetically lit to bring out the best features and bring it to life. The light source can be artificial natural or a combination of the two. (These images must have been captured after 1st September 2022)
  • The world is your oyster! These can be landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes or any ‘scape’ you like!? Scapes should hopefully capture the scenes and atmospheres of the great outdoors. Just as examples it could be a frosty or snowy rural scape, it could be an industrial scape of derelict buildings, it could be a sunrise or sunset or even at night, it could be almost anywhere you go!? Weather conditions can add substantially to your image. You could also consider using photographic techniques such as long exposure or ICM or even a fisheye lens.
  • We live in a multi-cultural world but what do you think of when you want to produce an image of something ‘British’? Is it Royal pomp and circumstance such as changing of the guards? Is it cheese rolling or bog snorkelling? Is it farmers working their animals or the land? (Hopefully it’s not sitting in a traffic queue or drunks fighting outside a pub on a Friday night or sitting watching I’m a celebrity…? Or is it?) The subject is massive and open to your interpretation and imagination.

  • Tick the box that you agree to the club rules, Tick the box I'm not a robot
    Click submit entry ONCE ONLY and wait for the confirmation that your files have been uploaded
  • Set Subject entries must have been taken after the set subject was announced and must not be entered more than ONCE.