Annual Grant Funding Application for Societies
This form should be used by Societies to apply for Union Grant Funding for the full academic year of 2022-2023.

Before completing this form, please ensure you have read the full guidelines here:

The deadline is Sunday 5th June 2022.

This form should take 20 minutes to complete.

You can also "Save and Resume" this form.
  • Criteria:

    • You are the Chair/President, Secretary or Treasurer of the society; only one application will be considered per society

    • The application must support the aims of the society, as stated within the society's 2022-2023 constitution

    • The application must clearly outline the ways in which the society plans to increase student engagement or membership satisfaction

    • The application must have a clear plan of how the money will be spent and the strategies in place to ensure that it stands the best chance of successfully delivering the proposed activity

    • The application must indicate how success will be measured, and what will constitute a successful delivery

    • The application must be submitted by Sunday 5th June.
  • Point of Consideration

    Items that CANNOT be funded:

    • Events exclusively for the committee
    • Large or expensive one-off promotional materials
    • Social balls or galas (except cultural events, or CEDPS/CHLS academic societies - as different funding pots are available for these societies)
    • Personal items
    • Alcohol
    • Food or Drink for society events
    • Individual affiliation to governing bodies, associations, or groups
    • Late Submissions
    • Any applications that go against the Union of Brunel Students’ Constitution, Bye-Laws, Policy and Motions
  • Contact Details

  • Jim Bolongton
  • Treasurer
  • 07123456789
  • This funding form is for societies only, not sports clubs (e.g. archery, dance, fencing)
  • This funding form is for societies only, not sports clubs (e.g. archery, dance, fencing)
  • Please upload your society's 2022-2023 Constitution. A template can found here:
  • If your society is free, just put "£0"
  • How many members do you think will join your society?
  • If your society aims to get a sponsorship deal, how much money do you hope to raise?
  • 2022-2023 Year Review

    This section should provide an opportunity to expand on the success and challenges of the past year. If your society was not active in 2022-2023, please leave this section blank.
  • Priority Development Areas

    What are your priorities for the upcoming year?

    e.g. Membership, Safety, Skills, Employability, Overall Satisfaction, Community Engagement
  • Annual Grant Request

    This section will ask you how much grant funding you would like to request for the next academic year.

    Remember to be both realistic about what you need, and optimistic about what level of funding you would like in the future.
  • Maximum amounts as per CASES: Gold - £400, Silver - £300, Bronze - £200, Standard - £100.
  • e.g. to increase regular activity, to host a one-off event, to purchase new equipment which will develop/alter the current offer. You should also refer to your society's aims as stated in your 2022-2023 Constitution.
  • Please include the following information if known and applicable: dates, venue, equipment supplier, transport plan, expected number of attendees, capacity of the event.
  • Please include links to online shopping platforms, supplier quotes etc. if applicable.
  • e.g. an attendance of 25 members at the event, or a 20% increase in average attendance at the weekly society activity due to new equipment.
  • e.g. additional advertising on the Union of Brunel Students' social media, health and safety training, project planning.
  • What happens next?

    Student Activities will review all application forms over summer with the Vice President of Student Activities and we will award the funding based on the information provided and against the criteria. Provisional budgets will then be circulated in July, with the budgets then ratified by the new Societies Guild Committee at the start of October.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email the Student Activities Team at