Afton Marina Haulout Request
  • I the week you want is not on the drop down, that means it is full and is not available. The 31st of October is the last day of haul out. No Exceptions!

  • Shrinkwrapping will be completed as soon as possible after boat is pulled on the first pulled, first wrapped basis as weather permits. (Unsuitable weather conditions may delay shrinkwrapping). If a PWC or dinghy is left on swim platform there will be an additional charge.

    Marina is not responsible for damage to clear windows in cold weather or damage caused by unusually heavy snowfalls.

    If there is not a note in the boat saying that the boat has been pumped out the service department will assume you want us to pump-out your waste holding tank for a fee of $50.00.

    It is also very helpful if you would turn on a faucet and drain the fresh water tank the last time you are on the boat.

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