Helpful Cleaning Procedures for Your Bathroom
The smell of your bathroom depends on how you clean it. It is very rare to find a clean bathroom that has a stinky smell. The usual equation is always: a dirty bathroom equals a smelly bathroom while a clean restroom equals a fresh smelling bathroom.
activated charcoal
Although purchasing an activated charcoal deodorizer is a smart choice, learning helpful techniques about proper cleaning procedures can eliminate bad odors in your bathroom. With the use of natural ingredients at home, you can clean the area around your toilet. A mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar can help remove set-in odors that are causing a bad smell inside your bathroom. To be specific, make a paste of equal parts lemon juice and baking soda and mix the substances together. Once you achieved to have a pancake butter feature alike, you are now ready to spread this paste along the bottom of the toilet and the toilet seat using a damp rag and let that sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Put some vinegar in a spray bottle so you can spray some of it along the paste after ten or fifteen minutes. Let the paste with vinegar fizzle for a moment before wiping off.

Essential oils can provide powerful and pleasant odors so you can use them when cleaning your bathroom. Add a few drops of essential oils to a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and use it in cleaning your sink and toilet bowl to eradicate bad smell. Some essential oils, like cedar oil, have anti-fungal properties which are great aid in neutralizing and removing unwanted scents. You may want to click here to know other types of oil and odor eliminators.

If your problem is a tough urine smell, you need to pay attention to your toilet tank. You should not neglect to clean the toilet tank and you can actually do this easily if you include the practice with your routine bathroom cleaning. Simply open the toilet tank and pour a half cup of vinegar in the tank. You can scrub brush the sides of the tank as well and then, flush the toilet. You can repeat the process a few times as you wish to. You can also add more vinegar if you want to.

Every part of your bathroom including the bathtub, shower, sink and the floor should be cleaned on a regular basis. Regular cleaning prevents odors from building up and causing problems with the use of your own mixture of natural elements. You may want to add activated charcoal deodorizer on your list of natural products you use in bathroom cleaning. Just for your great information, activated charcoal is the safest and most effective odor eliminator in the world. The wonder element contained in charcoal attracts toxic materials that produce the bad odors.

If water is backing up frequently, you need to check and clean out drains of your bathroom. Clogs in drains cause bathroom odor frequently. Remove any hair, dirt or debris on the drain stopper, then, use a hanger or a plunger to deal with a clogged drain. With the use of the hanger, push the clog through or pull it out. Flush the drain with the use of hot water to flush out any dirt and debris causing bathroom odor.

Lastly, watch out for molds that are a common cause of bathroom odors. For molds prevention and other odor problem solutions, a good website to visit can be found here.
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