All About Dental Braces

Braces are dental appliances that are used to correct teeth problems such as bite and teeth alignments. They can be placed on the upper or lower sets of teeth or both. They can also be either removable or fixed. They can also be used together with appliances for jaw or palate widening, jaw and teeth shaping, and teeth space creation. The way braces work is that they put pressure on the teeth so that they can be moved to the right direction. The process of placing braces, however, is not a one-step process. The patients' or individuals' teeth will be assessed by the dentist through dental history, x-ray, and physical evaluation. After the dentist determines that the patient requires braces, a material will be placed on each tooth that will serve as a cement material for the brackets. Wires and metal or elastic bands will also be placed.


After the braces have been placed, patients should remember that they still need to regularly visit their dentists. Such is due to the fact that the appliance needs to be adjusts once in a while. Through such, it is assured that the teeth moved at the right direction. The bands are also replaced, as well as the brackets, and the wire can be modified, removed, restored, or replaced. After the teeth and/or bites have been corrected, the braces will then be removed and replaced with a dental retainer. Such will ensure that the teeth will not move again while the gums and bones are still stabilizing. The period at which the patient wears the retainer depends on his or her dental condition. As a reminder, people who will be wearing braces should make sure that they use the proper toothbrush recommended by the dentist. They should also make sure that they brush twice as much as how they used to brush in the past.

The thing with braces is that they can also cause dental cavity. In fact, they can even increase the possibility of having one. Such is due to the fact that more bacteria and food debris may be stuck on the teeth because they are clinging on to the dental appliance. On another note, people will have the option to choose from the different types of braces available. A dental brace that is high-tech and strong is the one made with ceramic material. This type of braces is also resistant to some types of stains. Another type of braces that is resistant to stronger types of stains is the sapphire brand braces. However, people should remember that both are quite expensive.

People who are on the budget can go for the above-mentioned dental braces can opt for the ones that are made with plastic or metal materials. Nevertheless, people who will be going for stainless metals should make sure that they are not allergic to the material. Such type is far way cheaper than how much do braces cost on an average. On the other hand, people who do not want their braces to be seen can go for the lingual and invisalign braces.

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