Destination Ag On-site Field Trip Form
Spring 2022
If your group does not already have a field trip date, please contact Kelly Scott at
  • Group and Contact Information

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  • preferred means of contact
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    Use date already assigned by your district and Destination Ag.
  • Program Details

    Please provide the below information to finalize your on-site field experience. Refer to the DA Program Guide or On-site Lead Teacher Guide for further information.
  • Choose the best arrival time for your school. Please make sure you are able to arrive at the time chosen. If neither choice is the best option, choose 'other' and type in the best time. A 10 am arrival time allows for three sessions instead of four (and still leave by 1 pm).
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    A departure time before 1 pm may lead to reducing the number of sessions available to your students.
  • Teachers, bus drivers, and school staff do not pay Museum admission.
  • All other adults must pay Museum general admission.
  • The Opry Shelter will be available for schools to eat their sack lunches.
  • Sessions Options

    The Careers lesson and Free Time are included with all on-site field experiences. Select two more experiences for a total of four sessions. If an early departure is necessary (before 1pm) then choose only one session. If arriving at 10 am, choose only one session to leave by 1 pm.
  • Only select two sessions from this list for a typical all day program (9am-1pm). If late arrival or early departure are needed, select only one session.
  • The Drug Store is not led by Museum Staff. Students will be able to purchase snacks and souvenirs. Teachers/adults must be inside the store with the students to assist. This rotation may be before lunch. Schools may purchase ice cream in advance for their students. Contact Tonia Carpenter, 229/391-5205 or, if you would like to purchase ice cream.