Season-Culminating Championship Meet
Form B

This form is used to request authorization for observation of swims at High School, Masters or other association season‐culminating Championship meets. Observation requests for meets that are not season‐culminating Championship(s) must be made on Request for Observation – Form A.

PVS does not charge a fee for observing meets (beginning Sept 2019).

This form must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the meet.
  • Application Requirements

    1) Timing systems must comply with conditions outlined in 102.24 and the facility must comply with 103.13.1 & .2 – USA Swimming Rules & Regulations.

    2) Officiating:

    a) The number of Association officials must meet the minimum requirements as provided in Article 102.10 – USA Swimming Rules & Regulations. If the association stroke and turn officials are also certified by USA‐S, no additional observers are necessary. Officials may note compliance with USA Swimming Technical Rules only for those swimmers requesting observation, or the entire meet may be observed.

    b) Or, a minimum of two USA Swimming certified officials shall be assigned to verify compliance with USA Swimming Rules for those swims requested to be observed.

    c) Where the technical rules as listed in Article 101 are the same as the host organization, the judgment of the organization officials shall be sufficient.

    d) The designated USA Swimming certified official must verify compliance with applicable rules and procedures, and shall forward any proof of times requests and final results to the PVS Times Officer.

    e) Disqualifications for USA‐S violations shall be reported to the PVS Times Officer.

    3) Proof of Times Requests:

    a) If an athlete’s full legal name and USA‐S ID # or birth date are included in the electronic meet results, no individual request for data entry into the SWIMS system should be necessary. The PVS Times Officer shall enter times for any such athlete into SWIMS.

    b) If the above data is not included in the electronic results, individual requests for times may be made to the PVS Times Officer.
  • Meet Information

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  • Meet Referee

  • Currently certified USA Swimming officials who will observe swims for compliance with USA Swimming rules at the meet. Do NOT list the Meet Referee as one of these officials.

  • Observation Request Submitted By