Health Check - Accounting Services
Is your accounting in good health?

By completing this form, you will get an indication of your current accounting compliance.

After submission the results will be emailed to the email listed below.
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  • Unhappy Can Improve Happy More than Happy
    Are you satisfied with your current accounting reporting structure?
    Do you have an accounting system in place that provides you with timely and accurate financial data?
    Do you have a budget and a projected cash flow forecast for the next 12 month?
    Do you know what your gross profit per product / service line is?
    If clients owe you money, do you know how much is owed and how overdue the payments are?
    Is all your Supplier Reconciliations up to date?
    Do you review your budget regularly to consider increasing prices to cover rising costs?
    My finances are well organised and I keep my records up to date?
    Do you have adequate trained staff in your accounting department?
    Do you have safe record keeping of all documents?