The Untold
Tell the story you wish you had been told.

Have authentic stories of failure, defeat, controversy, and mind baffling moments that may resonate with others? Be a part of the Untold. The Untold is a collection of anonymous resilience stories by Tulane students, faculty, and staff.

In a society where everyone appears to have it all together, we create space for imperfections. Why? Building resilience often comes from reflecting on difficult moments, sharing with others, and learning from your experience.

Program Goals:
- Allow space for students to process through their experiences and encourage others.
- Normalize common setbacks that students experience.
- Provide a platform for students who prefer this modality of sharing.
  • (Please provide in case we have any questions)
  • Your Story

  • Example: Worse than average at remembering dates. Yogi enthusiast. Can walk on my hands. Vacuums my house at least 3 times a week. Has an eye that is two different colors. Loves my dog, a little too much. Secretly wishes I could travel the world and teach yoga, drink tea, rock climb, and hang with my family all day. My grandfather’s favorite grandchild (obviously).
  • Support
    Sharing your story can often unearth a lot of feelings and thoughts.

    If you would like support managing this, please reach out to the following:
    CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)
    SRSS (Student Resources and Support Services)