MCSL New Swim Team Member Report
MCSL Rule 7j requires all team reps to provide the Rules Committee a listing of all new swim team members that swam for another MCSL team the prior season.

Every team rep is required to fill out this form annually.

If there are no new swimmers registered with your team who swam in A meets for a different MCSL Team last year who also did not meet the transfer conditions stipulated in Rule 7g, please indicate and no further information is needed.

Otherwise please list new swimmers to your team who swam in A meets for a different MCSL team the previous season (even if the swimmer's parent/guardian filed a Transfer Request with the Rules Committee).

Please submit multiple forms if there are more than 10 new swimmers to report.

Please submit this form as many times as necessary to submit additional transfers from later registrations.

The initial submission is due no later than June 15.

You will receive an automated email acknowledging receipt of your team transfer report.
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  • If Yes, please fill in swimmer information below and submit this form.

    If No, please submit this form