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International Student Application
In accordance with Section 102 of the TAPPS By-Laws, students who are not citizens of the United States must be approved by the organization to establish eligibility to participate in TAPPS governed interscholastic competition. The student is not eligible until approved by and in accordance with the dates established by TAPPS. Please complete all sections and submit the form and all documentation for review by the TAPPS office.

    Please complete the following questions regarding the choice of the TAPPS school.
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  • Student Education Information

    Please complete the following in regards to the student's education history.
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  • If yes, please provide the country and activity
  • School Finance

    Please provide answers to the following as it pertains to the payment for the student's education at the TAPPS member school.
  • Additional Information

    Please provide the following information for review with the application. The student's eligibility will not be considered until all information is received.

    Translated Student Transcript (initially submitted to school)

    Student Transcript (as recorded on file at the member school)

    Current Student Schedule (at the member school)
  • Submission

    By submission of this form I attest that all information is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.