Thank your for choosing Perdaus as a centre for your zakat.

This online form is for you to fill up your particulars should you decide to contribute your zakat on wealth through bank transfer (ATM, online transfer, or PayNow).

To make payment using other options, or to find out more about our Zakat collection, please click on the button below:

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We accept ATM, internet banking transfers and PayNow as mode of payments for online transactions.

1. If you are transferring using ATM or online transfer, please transfer to DBS Autosave/Current Account: 017-014371-9.

2. If you are using PayNow, you may use our
UEN no: S64SS0031JEC1,
or scan the QR code below:

Please call 8127 3729 or for more information.

Your kind and generous contribution will help Perdaus in achieving its mission: to build a righteous community.

May Allah purify your wealth and bless you with health and bountiful rizq.
  • ZAKAT INTENTION - if paying for yourself

    I intend to give zakat for wealth for this year, as per the amount below.
  • in SGD
  • Please specify if you have any special request for your zakat contribution.
  • ZAKAT INTENTION - if paying on behalf of someone else

    I intend to give zakat for this year, on behalf of the person stated here, as per the amount below.
  • E.g. my mother, my child, etc.
  • in SGD
  • Please specify if you have any special request for your zakat contribution.

  • In SGD. Leave blank if not donating.

  • Confirmation and updates will be sent via SMS or WA. Please provide a valid mobile number. Thank you.
  • * Please include HOUSE NUMBER, STREET NAME, UNIT NUMBER (if applicable) and POSTAL CODE.
  • * For internet banking, please type in the name of the PAYEE in the "initials" text field when you are doing the online funds transfer. E.g. if your name is ALI, type in ALI under "initials" at the internet banking website.
  • In SGD. Total of zakat and donation amount, if any.
  • * If using online banking for fund transfer, at the "initials" text field, please type in "Zakat ".

    * If using PayNow, under "Reference", please put "Zakat " if you are able to do so.
  • * Photo/screenshot of your receipt for your ATM or internet banking transfer.

    * Please ensure that the TIME and DATE are clearly shown in the image file.

    * Maximum file size is 1MB only.
  • You may choose more than one option.