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  • Please list 2 or 3 dates if possible
  • Please list the time you would like to start, morning break, lunch break and latest we can finish
  • Please list year groups next to each topic
  • Science Day Information

    1. The Mad Scientist(s) will arrive half an hour or more before start time to get set up for the day.

    2. We require a table for our equipment and access to water and electricity for the Assembly Show.

    3. We prefer to set up in the same classroom before and after lunch and have the children come to the us for the workshops.

    4. We require that the school send us a list of health concerns prior to the science day to make any necessary accomodations. For privacy reasons, names are not required, only health concerns separated by year group.

    5. We will provide the following: risk assessments, company insurance, safety and safeguarding policies and invoice once the science day is confirmed. If you need anything further from us, please do not hesitate to ask.

    6. We require a member of school staff to be our point of contact for the duration of the science day.

    Any questions or concerns, please ring us at 01727 824 700 or email:
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